Ad Submission
Non-Profit Ads

Non-profit ads are free of charge to TrevorSpace members. Ads may be for events, organizations or services and, though free, must conform to certain guidelines.

Format requirements:

You must provide a 468 pixel wide by 60 pixel tall ad graphic in gif or jpeg format. We cannot accept ads in any other format nor can we resize or design your ads for you.
If you submit a gif graphic with animation, it must not be obnoxious and may not contain an infinite loop (unless it's subtle). Any animation may loop at most 3 times.
Maximum file size for an ad is 100K bytes.
Ad should be "pretty". We are the sole arbiters of what is pretty. Yes, that's subjective, but we don't want to downgrade the site by having a bunch of ugly ads.

Content requirements:

Ads are accepted only from 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 non-profit organizations *.
Ads must be broadly relevant to the LGBT community and should be for health and human services organizations or non-partisan political organizations.
Partisan political ads are not accepted.
Ads for circuit parties or similar events where drug use might be expected are not accepted.
No ad may contain a reference to a for profit organization (like an event sponsor).
Ad graphics must be conservative. Ads containing nudity, crotch closeups or anything even vaguely suggestive are not accepted. Ads that show bare chests or anything that might not be acceptable in a work environment will be scheduled to run in off work hours.
Ads that link to incomplete or unfinished web pages are not accepted.
Ads can be targeted to subsets of TrevorSpace members. In fact, ads must be targeted to the smallest reasonable group of people. Ads targeted to the entire country (or even to an entire state) when the event or service is more localized will be adjusted to target the proper demographic.
Ads may run for at most 30 days. Ads for events may be placed up to 3 months in advance of an event, but may not start running more than 30 days before the event and must end on the event date (or earlier).

Ads that do not meet these criteria will be declined - though they can be corrected and resubmitted.

To submit your ad, click the "Submit an Ad" tab above.

If want to know whether the topic of your ad will be accepted before you spend time and money generating artwork, contact one of the site administrators.

Some ads will be displayed more frequently than others. Ads for fundraisers have the lower priority. Ads for services have higher priority. Websites that have a link to TrevorSpace on their site are reviewed faster and run more frequently.

Ad acceptance and frequency of ad display is at the sole discretion of TrevorSpace. Ad review can take up to 2 business days.
* A copy of the IRS letter granting that status may be requested before an ad is run.