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Welcome to our resource center! Here you’ll find the latest articles, news updates, and guides across topics like gender identity, mental health, and more. We believe that connection is created through access to education, and hope these resources can provide you with a place to start.

Topics: Latest News, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, In the Community, Talking About Suicide.

TrevorSpace Resources

News & Events

988 Lifeline Is Now Available: What Does That Mean For Its Users?

Learn more about what 988 Lifeline is, and how to use it.

Mental Health

Support for Self-Harm Recovery

There are lots of ways to feel better without self-harming. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to self-injury that can produce the same relief.

Resources for Mental Health Support

Here are some helpful resources to help you explore the topic of mental health.

Resources for Healthy Relationships

Check out this list of resources for identifying healthy relationships.

Mental Health Video Course

Check out our 6-part mental health video course!

Sexual Orientation

Understanding Gay & Lesbian Identities

Gay and lesbian people have the capacity to form attraction and/or relationships with a person of the same gender.

Understanding Asexuality

Within the asexual community, there are many ways for people to identify.

Gender Identity

The Coming Out Handbook: Identity

Gender identity and sexual orientation can be significant parts of who we are.

The Coming Out Handbook: Exploring Yourself

Coming out isn’t always easy. It’s when a person decides to reveal an important part of their identity to someone in their life.

Understanding Gender Identities

It’s important to remember that gender roles aren’t set in stone.

Talking About Suicide

How Can You Help?

If you recognize some warning signs of suicide in someone you know, or feel that someone you know is at risk, there are steps you can take to help.

Warning Signs of Suicide

Learning the warning signs of suicide is a huge part of preventing a crisis.

Suicide Risk Factors

Certain risk factors can increase a person’s risk for suicide.

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