Terms of Service

(a foul-language & inappropriate image free zone)

Help Us Monitor the TrevorSpace Community!
If you ever see any content in someone's profile that violates these Terms of Service,
please bring it to our attention by emailing Webmaster@TrevorSpace.org.

Use of TrevorSpace is free to anyone ages 13 to 24. TrevorSpace is a safe place to meet friends, get support for challenges in your life, and talk openly about what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and/or an ally to our community.

But we do ask you to abide by a few rules:
Do not use the system to send SPAM - even to your friends. SPAM is any email advertising a product, service or event where the recipient did not explicitly ask to be put on the mailing list. Anyone caught repeatedly abusing TrevorSpace to send SPAM will be banned from using the system.

Your profile must be an accurate, factual, and appropriate representation of yourself.
Use your real full name; please note that only your first name can be viewed by other members.
Foul language (offensive swearing, derogatory terminology, racist/sexist/prejudiced terminology, sexually explicit language, information relating to the active use of illegal drugs, underage alcohol consumption, illicit sexual endeavors, or other illegal behavior) is prohibited.
All content is subject to approval of The Trevor Project administrators.
All content must be youth-friendly and appropriate. Any content deemed otherwise will be removed.
All content must fully adhere to the TrevorSpace Terms of Service.

All photos are pre-approved by TrevorSpace administrators.
You must have at least one photo of yourself approved, before posting any other photos of friends, pets, etc.
Your profile MUST always contain AT LEAST ONE picture of yourself at all times. Profiles without any personal pictures are not allowed.
Do not post photos that are revealing, provocative, sexualized or obscene (this applies to all clothing as well).
Examples of inappropriate photos include any form of toplessness/shirtlessness and photos that show a bare chest, breasts, or any state of undress.
Do not post photos of yourself or another person engaging in any illegal or illicit behavior (i.e. consuming alcohol underage or using drugs of any kind).
Posting photos copyrighted by someone other than you is prohibited.
Posting photos of celebrities without permission is prohibited.
The Trevor Project reserves the right to delete any photos we deem inappropriate from your account without notice or explanation.
If there is any question in your mind about a photo, err on the side of caution and do not post it.
Repeat violators of these photo guidelines run the risk of having their account banned and/or deleted.

All the guidelines listed here will be strictly enforced in chat. Please be mindful the following speech is not allowed:

1. Homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, bi-phobic, fat phobic, and other forms of defamatory or hate speech is not allowed.
2. Profanity: All profanity is expressly prohibited
3. Sexually explicit comments

Do not attempt to disguise curse words or hate speech using symbols or dashes. These will be responded to as if they are the original word.
Do not embed outside chat room clients into any Queer & Questioning threads or anywhere else on the site. They are prohibited.
Do not embed material using HTML- whether images, sound or video - that violates these guidelines.
Do not try to "skirt the line". We often get stricter with subsequent violations.
Do not put sexually explicit or overly suggestive material in your profile.
Did we mention that you shouldn't send SPAM?
Do not use HTML to confuse people about your links. If a link says it goes somewhere specific, send them there. Do not send them to an unrelated site. And no links to inappropriate material, please.
Be polite and respectful in all discussions. Others may have opinions that differ from yours, but that is no reason to start a flame war. Posts to public boards or comment areas that are excessive may be deleted.
Do not create fake profiles.
Do not create profiles for anyone other than yourself.
Do not create duplicate profiles—that is, do not create more than one profile for yourself.
Do not create an individual profile for a business or organization. TrevorSpace is for people!
Do not impersonate another person whether famous or otherwise.
Do not engage in character assassination, slander or libel.
Do not use the system for illegal activities.
Accounts not accessed for more than a year may be deleted without notice.
OK, so that's a lot of "do not"s, but we hope they're all reasonable ones. Just be polite and respectful of other members and that'll cover most of it.
A bit of legal stuff:
Use of TrevorSpace is provided to members solely at our discretion. Membership can be terminated for any cause we deem reasonable. You understand that we do not incur any liability by doing so and that we have no obligation to provide you with access to any information about you that was on the site at the time of termination including, but not limited to, information from your profile, a list of your friends, your messages, or information about any parties to which you may have been invited through TrevorSpace.

Privacy Policy
TrevorSpace Privacy Policy
TrevorSpace does not send SPAM or sell or rent e-mail addresses!

About the Information We Collect
TrevorSpace is an social network that connects you to people through networks of your friends. You create a profile which is then linked to your friends to create your network. To do this we display certain information to people within the network such as your first name, age and any optional information you provide about yourself. Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone unless you are asking them to connect to you as a friend. Your age is shared with other members but your date of birth is never shared with other members.

Information Collected by TrevorSpace
TrevorSpace asks for certain information such as your name, email address, gender and date of birth.

Information Obtained from Your Computer
TrevorSpace also collects the type and version number of your browser as well as your computer's IP address. We use this for general administration of the website only.

Sharing of Your Information
We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information unless required by law.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information principally to enhance your experience using the web site. Links available on the home page and elsewhere may be shown because they have relevance to you. Also to minimize irrelevant communications from us to you, any email communication from TrevorSpace will be sent only to those members to whom it might be important.
It is also used is aggregated information for The Trevor Project and in that form may be widely distributed. However, we never release your personal information to anyone outside of our organization unless required by law.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are used to maintain your session with TrevorSpace. So if you do not have cookies enabled, at least for TrevorSpace, you will not be able to use the site.
We also use cookies to store information such as your e-mail address so that you can log in automatically. You activate this feature when you join or log in by asking the computer to remember your e-mail address and password. To prevent someone from logging in as you, you should use this option ONLY on a computer where you will be the only person with access.
There is also an option to have just your e-mail address remembered. This is a good way to simplify log in on a shared computer without compromising your account security.

Your membership information is protected by a password. This prevents unauthorized access to your membership information. If you feel your password has been compromised, use the "Account Settings" section of the site to change it.
You can use the Access History page in "Account Settings" to see if any unauthorized accesses have occurred.

E-mail from TrevorSpace
From time to time we may send e-mail with information about changes and improvements to the site, other information that relates to your membership or general news. You can control whether this information is sent to you using the features in the "Account Settings" section of the site.
We never send attachments with any e-mail. If you get an attachment on an e-mail purporting to originate from TrevorSpace, do not open it since it is likely to be a virus!

Messages on TrevorSpace
The messages you send on TrevorSpace are private. They are not normally read by anyone on staff. However, in the event that some message you send generates a complaint from another member for harassment or other violation of the terms of service, those messages that you have sent to that member may be reviewed by a member of staff to see if an actual violation has occurred.

Contacting Us
You may contact the webmaster at Webmaster@TheTrevorProject.org. Or you can write or call us at:
The Trevor Project
8704 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 200
West Hollywood, CA 90069

If you have any questions about our website or this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.